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Connected, rethinking

Sharing the desire to do something new with someone is very powerful.

Walking the flimsy rope of the unknown, wanting to know.

That journey teaches enormous lessons. It has taught me about people, but above all about me, because pulling out what is still requires a lot of strength, it requires drive and temperance. This is how AMAI was born, in the midst of the certainty of wanting and the doubt of power. And as you can see, certainty overcame doubt and every day we remember that we can. And it is that now I realize that this project was formed and has grown from the participation of all those who are looking for the same thing. On the way, we meet, and in the search we recognized ourselves. Change for me is the most useful tool to grow, and if we are not willing to try something different, it is difficult to grow within the e, within what is known and normalized. I feel that in recent years changing my mind, and rethinking what I have had installed in my brain throughout my life has done me good, it scares me, excites me, and above all, it shakes my curiosity, which we know how much it falls asleep under the Shadow of the monotonous... These last few years have been a challenge for many, (and I say "many" so as not to fall into absolutism). The world and its forms are transforming, they are adapting, and as part of the world, we have to rebuild ourselves, rearrange priorities, redefine concepts, modify traditions that lack current meaning, ask ourselves the same things over and over again, and applaud the change instead of sanctioning it. Let's not punish ourselves for thinking differently from those who are no longer there, for re-locating ourselves in a land that is no longer the same.

The era of individualism is over. Conspiring to achieve only individual well-being threatens our humanity and numbs us… We are islands, which although they seem separate from each other, intertwine underneath and never lack unity. We are connected and our actions create waves that generate impacts, visible to our eyes or not. Re-coding at home, taking responsibility for who we are, and choosing what we want to be. Because I believe that revolution and change are born in our beds, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the fridge, in what we eat and what we decide not to eat. Redefine ideas of beauty, of value from the reality of the current world, understanding the times, the needs of a planet that is full of garbage, full of our fashion, our waste, our insatiable mania of buying to feel, to fit in, to live together, to convince, to pretend. Growing up always generates discomfort, but discomfort can become a good ally, it can be the motor for more alert, less sedated actions. It can lead to different decisions.

So I thank each and everyone who has decided to get out of comfort and rethink habits. Solid shampoo, solid body cream, solid conditioners are not the obvious, they are not the most common, perhaps they are not the easiest and most comfortable option when it comes to obtaining them, but they are an awake, conscious option, in where the benefit expands beyond the user. The profit travels into the hands of those who make it and back to the planet that sustains and gives life to us all.

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