Aislinn Derbez

I am an actress, producer and entrepreneur.

My purpose, through AMAI, is to provide alternatives for personal care that truly protect, nourish and pamper our body and our planet.

I confess that I have always been passionate about skin care, and that for years I have researched natural products and their benefits.

When I met Marianna we immediately connected, because we share the same vision and passion: to take care of our body in a natural way. We are both in a constant search for a more harmonious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. All of this paved the way to create AMAI, from our hearts to yours.

Marianna Burelli

I am an actress, producer, writer and entrepreneur.

I passionately love acting. However learning how to live in a more sustainable way, without interrupting the natural processes that take place on our planet, has become a top priority for me for the past 5 years. Building and establishing behaviors based solely on meeting personal needs has become increasingly questionable for me. I consider it vital to find the balance point where our daily practices do not represent irreversible damages on the ecosystem.

Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives to satisfy our needs in a sustainable way, without putting our well-being nor the planet’s at risk. Aislinn and I have the same vision, the same wish that was sealed when creating AMAI.