The hands and alchemy behindour products.

One of AMAI 's creative partners from day one has been

Sagrario Ruiz Maté

Her expertise has been a key part in the creationand production of our collections.

Born in Mexico City in 1959, I’m a mother of three and a grandmother of five.

When I was a child, my mother taught me to love and respect nature. My house was always surrounded by plants and flowers. I remember my mother finding and using natural remedies for any discomfort we suffered from.

I was diagnosed with cancer and went through chemotherapy. Those sessions were extremely aggressive to my body and made me realize the importance of taking care of our whole selves, including our spirit. It is vital to spend time with ourselves and for ourselves.

I started making natural products with health benefits from family recipes for personal use. In December 2017, we started selling our products to the public and in February 2018, Ana Narro, Sagrario Barberena and I founded a family business dedicated to the research, creation, and manufacture of natural cosmetic products.